Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Linked to my blog is a visitor counter. The counter not only counts the number of visits, but also how people landed on my blog.

I've written about this before, when people were finding my site by Googling "I love the smell of diesel fumes." Ummm, ok. Well, I was writing about the first day of school. What are you talking about?

Well that little disturbing wonder has been replaced by something more disturbing, people Googling "tied up babysitter."

Yes, one fateful night our kids tied up the babysitter. Actually, they were playing Scooby Doo and she was the mummy while the kids were the "gang" (mental note: do not allow kids to watch Scooby Doo with future babysitters.) They did no harm, it was all in play; not to mention our athletic 22 year-old babysitter could take down all three of our kids.

But all this Googling for "babysitter tied up stories" has made me wonder, is there a lot of this going around? Are babysitters taking their lives in their own hands. Do we need to start paying a combat fee? (Ugh, another thing to think about when paying a babysitter.)

The second most recently searched topic has been "5 gallon paint buckets". How to open a 5 gallon paint bucket? How to recycle a 5 gallon paint bucket? How big is a 5 gallon paint bucket? (Ummm, OK. Well, when you find the answer to that question can you also look up "who is buried in Grant's tomb?")

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