Sunday, December 7, 2008

How Did You Find Me?

If you scroll ALL the way to the bottom of my blog you will see my StatCounter. Along with counting the number of visitors to the blog it also gives me interesting statistics about visit length, where you are located (at least your IP) and keyword activity.

Keyword activity is rather fun, and sometimes disturbing. You may Google, or Yahoo or whatever search engine though Google appears to be the most popular, to type in a topic you are searching and voila you land on my blog.

Thank you for stopping by, and please come back.

Here are some of the interesting, and thankfully not so disturbing, search words that brought people to my blog:

Funny Thanksgiving Sayings
Try "Gobble, Gobble, Gobble." Seriously, it is the funniest thing to hear someone else say, especially a classroom of Kindergartners. At least the first three times, after that ... not so funny.

love target
Why yes, yes I do love Target. And with as much money as I spend there Target probably loves me.

what is the difference between kenmore 27514 and 27515
This is in reference to my brand new, bright blue, canister vacuum.
And the difference is one has a power cord 2 ft longer then the other, at least that is the only difference I could find. Oh, and Consumer Reports tested only one of these models, don't remember which one.

why wont the lid close on my kenmore magic blue vacuum
*And yes, I am typing them verbatim so the lack of capitalization and punctuation is due to the lack of attention paid by the searcher/visitor in English class and not due to my lack of attention in English class.
Try rearranging your tools. If you don't get them in j.u.s.t r.i.g.h.t then the lid does not close.

i love the smell of diesel in the morning
OK, I know this was a title to a posting celebrating the first day of school. But to actually Google that you love the smell of diesel, seriously time to call a therapist.

talk about Tuesday
This Tuesday I'm hoping my car will be fixed so I'm not organizing car pools to get EM, myself, and the other two to EM's dance recital. I'm also hoping I'm not crying on Tuesday because the car repair bill ate up our Christmas fun money, and January fun money, and February fun money. What can I say, between Target and the car we are doing our part to help the economy.

awana patches iron on or sew?
I've heard they are iron on, but they may not stay on. Which is why I sew them on.

Coffee talk iron on patch
This is a good question for Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary. She is the originator of Company Girl Coffee, tune in on Friday, and has opened a store at Zazzle with Company Girl items. Hmmm, Rachel Anne what do you think of a Company Girl Coffee patch?

How did you land here?

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