Thursday, December 4, 2008


Ahh, Friday. Usually a time to slow down and look forward to the weekend when you can catch up from the week, and prepare for the following week, A Clean Slate.

Unless it is December and the holidays is in full swing.

So before you take off to cross some of those to-do items from your list sit awhile and visit.

Ah yes, to-do lists. I live for lists. No, let me change that, I'm able to live/function/get through the day because of lists. Today my lists are not to-do lists but fun and reflective. There are two lists; the first is my Thankful list (a little over due, but here it is) and the second is the Real Me list (not exactly Tuesday's Small Thing, but Rachel Anne's list got me thinking.)

Thankful List
1.) A merciful and loving God who finds delight in me, and I delight in serving, loving and knowing that all my cares are cast upon Him. (Can you guess what verse's I'm memorizing?)

2.) Hubby, 12 years of marriage and three kids he still looks at me that wink and a smile (yes, that wink & a smile) and it still gives me goose bumps.

3.) JT, ED and EM. For their voluntary hugs, kisses and "I love you Mamma." For the cuddles and all the lessons you have taught me.

4.) Family, immediate and extended. Cousins, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles ... oh my! They are everywhere, and we love it.

5.) Coffee and Chocolate! Come now, you didn't think the whole list would be serious and reflective did you?

The Real Me
1.) I love coffee and chocolate. Hubby finds this funny because when he met me I was not much of a chocolate lover (nor a coffee drinker). I still don't like chocolate cake or ice cream, but I can definitely dig into a good chocolate bar and must begin my day with coffee. What can I say, but three kids will do that to you.

2.) I'm a goof ball. I like to think myself as serious and professional, and even try to act that way but never very convincingly. That goofiness keeps bubbling up; I'm learning to embrace my goofiness. Maybe even use it for good one of these days.

3.) I love music, but I'm not into music. I like to listen to music, but I'm not into songs, artists, genres. And I thank Rachel Anne for her play list, otherwise I would have no idea what to put on my iPod.

4.) Writing, for me, is like pulling teeth. And after all those teeth are pulled I still need to proofread, which is like pulling all the hairs out of my head. And the question is, do you want to proofread or be hung by your toe nails? Omm, I'll get back to you on that one.

5.) I'm an introvert. Oh yes, my friends laugh at this and Hubby doubts the label but I've taken the Myers-Brigg test enough times to know, I'm an introvert. What people don't realize is even though I can talk your ear off I need to know who you are, and know you well. Small talk is not my thing. If you asked me to choose between walking up to a complete stranger and introducing myself and make small talk or be strung by my toe nails .... om, give me a minute I'm still thinking over #4. And then there is the social awkwardness, but that is a whole other personality test and blog post.

What is on your list? Did you make a Thankful list last week? Did Rachel Anne's Real Me list get you chuckling as you applied it to yourself? And how is that Christmas to-do list coming? Opps, sorry I asked.

Happy Company Girl Coffee Friday. To visit a little longer head over to Home Sanctuary for more.

****As mentioned in #4, I hate to proofread and so some changes have been made to the original posting. Just clarifying word choices or correcting spelling (unfortunately spell check doesn't know I meant to say "wink" instead of "wind"). All of which I noticed after posting. Sometimes I don't even notice, some days Hubby calls me and says "Honey, did you really mean to say ....?" Yes, proofreading. Anyone want the job? Sorry, I can only pay with chocolate and coffee (see #5 and #1 of respective posts.)


Ridenour Family said...

I LOVE lists, too! I also love coffee and chocolate! And I am a goofball at heart! I do like to write, though and proofreading-ahhh heaven!
I made a Thankful List last week. It is on our family's blog on Thanksgiving Day if you want to see it.
You'll have to scroll down, because I am too lazy to look up the exact address to that post!
Thanks for having me in for coffee. Have a great weekend working on that Christmas to-do list!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

interesting list - a talkative introvert :) How deceitful!

Anonymous said...

You have a new look, don't you? I like it.

It was fun getting to know you - what you're thankful for and the "real you."

Thanks for sharing.

mholgate said...

Hooray for coffee and chocolate! On Tuesday I bought my favorite chocolates to spoil myself. : )

Rachel Anne said...

I think I can understand the talkative introvert thing. You are a fascinating paradox :)

Goofball? Maybe that's why Company Girls get along so well! My kids are constantly rolling their eyes at me. My son just asked me to never. dance. again. I can't promise.

I think I am just beginning to understand that the Real Me has real needs. Maybe having the house grow quieter after 20 some years of parenting is showing me that I've needed friendships all along. It is easy for me to hide behind busyness so others can't really get to know the Real Me. Hmmmm. (future blog post?)

Thanks for the coffee, I can never get enough!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

What a wonderful post - so thankful and so much information about who you really are. I agree with Rachel Anne in how I am finally learning about *my* needs and remembering that it is OK to take care of myself. What a great concept!

Joyce said...

Thanks for sharing. I love lists too. haha Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Fishy Girl said...

Stick with me and I'll take that introvert right out of you! ;) I also love lists because I tend to talk to much and then I start rambling-kinda like I am doing now.

CindyC said...

Hi, my name is Cindy, and I am a chocoholic and coffeeholic.
I will also proofreed for either of the above substances. ;-)

I'm an introvert by nature, but God is changing me - it's easier now for me to be involved with people and reach out. Though it is still easier for me to express myself clearly by writing than by conversation. Unless, of course, you're one of my best friends...