Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Reality In My House

Yes, I can talk a good talk (remember this little post?), but the execution part leaves much to be desired.

Last night, as I planned our meals for the month, and only completed half the month, I realized I'm already behind and December just started.

This afternoon I pulled down some Christmas decorations and realized I forgot our Advent Calendar! No, I didn't forget to pull down the Advent Calendar, I forgot we OWNED an Advent Calendar (ours is a nativity scene where each day we pull out a new figure to hang on the scene.) Yes, forgot all about it and now it is December 3rd. I did pull it down and now it sits in our living room, ... still it its box, ... with a wreath and some ribbon sitting on top of it.

On the bright side I did hang our Christmas wreath on the front door and put away all the fall decorations. Well, almost all of them. The gourds and pumpkins are still sitting on my front porch, disintegrating with mold.

Anywho. Moving on.

I'm still working on our Christmas cards and will need to take some pictures of the process. This evening Hubby watched as I cut out 3 inch wreaths and announced he did not want to hear me complain. What? Me? Complain? No, no worries. No complaining here; just, next year, hide the card making supplies and cut off all contact to my supplier ... my scrapbook supplies supplier.

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