Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Welcome to Tiny Talk Tuesday!

Nothing like a family gathering to get the tongues wagging. We traveled to my parents Wednesday and enjoyed several days at their house. The rest of the family joined us Friday for our Thanksgiving feast; 10 adults, 5 kids, 2 dogs, and 2 cats (at least inside the house.)

Friday night my brother was putting to bed his son, DT, and our son JT. As he walked out of the room he heard:

DT: (whispering) JT, I have a plan, let's not listen to him.
My Brother: DT, I can here you.
DT: Oh!

With all the animals running around the house the question was bound to be asked by one of our kids:

EM: Mommy can we have a dog?
Me: No, we can't have a dog.
EM: But I want a dog.
Me: Talk to your Father.
EM: But God says we can have a dog.
Me: (looking at Hubby) You can't argue with a higher power.

Talking to Grandpa JT discussed his future plans:

JT: When Mom and Dad die I will buy their house.
Grandpa: Do you want to buy my house?
JT: Grandpa, I'll still just be a kid.

When you write a blog, for that matter when you write anything, one of the best forms of flattery is being referenced. My 1 year-old niece was tugging at the tablecloth while some of us played Monopoly. My Sister-in-Law, wrestling TJ away from the table said:

KW: I read something about young children around tablecloths not being like Houdini.
Me: That was me! That was my blog!

Happy Tiny Talk Tuesday.

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Mary@notbefore7 said...

"I have a plan..." LOL! So funny they were heard. What a plan :)

Happy TTT!