Saturday, March 21, 2009

They Tied Up the Babysitter

We came home tonight and the children gleefully announced they tied up the babysitter.

Our babysitter (our wonderful, mature, known since 4th grade and followed her to college, and at the time we arrived home not tied up) babysitter quickly explained the scenario. They had watched Scoobie Doo, and then played Scoobie Doo, with her being the mummy and them capturing her by wrapping her up in string.

(And though she was not tied up when we arrived home she did have two children sitting on her, probably more constrictive then the string. All three children were in their PJ's, teeth brushed, and being read a story. Did I mention our babysitter is wonderful. She is not allowed to graduate from college; and she is not allowed to move away, because this time we can't follow her. She is not allowed to leave because we will then need to find a new babysitter. Then again, since being tied up she may not want to return.)

Yes, our children tied up the babysitter. It has happened. We have those children. I am so (not) proud.

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