Monday, March 23, 2009

MEMO Monday: Bouncy Balls

So how is this idea for a new feature, Memo Monday? I share, in memo form, peeves, frustrations, and general annoyances. (Ha, my family is probably thinking, "What? Limit yourself to one day? Now that would be change."

Yes, well. Thank you from the peanut gallery.

Maybe, depending on my motivation, other's interest, and if I can figure out that Mr. Linky thingy this could form into an open meme, or is that correct term a carnival?

To: Parents Who Give Goody Bags to My Children

From: This Mom

Please note that bouncy balls are not welcome in my house. Plainly speaking I HATE bouncy balls. Putting it another way, the sight of bouncy balls make my blood pressure sky rocket.

Maybe it is because we have 18 foot ceilings. Or, I'm fearing the damage of a bouncy ball if it meet Uncle Dennis' one-of-a-kind vase, Aunties' antique pitcher set, or a window. I know, I know, have kids, things break. But, a bouncy ball tends to significantly up the odds, and I don't need to heighten the odds.

Regardless of the reason why I hate them please cease and desist putting these instruments of terror (to my nerves) in goody bags.

They are not cute. They are not fun. Really, the scene of me tackling a child playing with the offending bouncy ball and then confiscating it is really not that funny. Seriously, not that funny.

I appreciate your time and your consideration. However, please, next time you assemble a goody bag, just say "NO" to the bouncy ball. Actually, just say no to the goody bag, really. Here is what happens in our house after a goody bag arrives. All the non-edible items, eventually, are collected and given to our favorite teachers, for their prize boxes. If you really have a need to waist your money on dollar store junk then be my guest, just cut out the middle mom and head straight to your favorite teacher and their prize box.

Oh, put please don't give the teacher bouncy balls. Oh vey! The terror on the school bus.


A Mom


Anonymous said...

Oh, you have got to be kidding me. The sight of you tackling the kids and stripping that ball away, while they are screaming and confused?!?!?.....I just double over thinking about it. I would pay anyone to get that picture.


Suzanne said...

Oh my goodness. I didn't know someone else had that dislike. I usually would get those things out of the house before in children's hands. Picture this: early am, young kidos at breakfast, school soon and youngest goes looking in drawer for napkin. She finds bouncy ball and next thing i know glass is shattered all over floor, sink, stove, child. She had to bounce it (of course too tempting) and hit the ceiling light. She was almost in tears thinking of the trouble she'd be in. I took one look pictured what happened and had to suppress the laughs as I reassured her to the table. new food all around (cold cereal) because had to be the glass particles were everywhere. She was 7 & is now 17 and boy does she not like bouncy balls!