Thursday, October 22, 2009


Originally this post was part of this week's Tiny Talk Tuesday, however that post was becoming too wordy so I cut, pasted, and created a new posting.

Because if I can't use my children for blog fodder what else is there.

Let's review Tuesday's posting. I talked about my boy, who is turning into a ... well, an elementary age boy. (Does anyone have a name for this stage?) This manifestation of boyness, like that of a toddler or preschool age boy, still involves wrestling, running, yelling, and all around rough play one finds in any boy. It differs from their earlier years as they become more verbal, and now not only laugh at the potty jokes but create their own, sometimes they are funny. Sometimes, but not always.

Last Thursday JT came home with a whoopee cushion. At that time, if the under ware joke hadn't already tipped me off, that I have a fully developed elementary age boy living under my roof. (Excuse me while I go find a new roof to live under for the next 20 years.)

The elementary boy behavior continued the following morning when the whoopee cushion made it onto my chair. (Oh great, now we are entering the practical joke stage.) Thankfully, my dear son has yet to learn art of discretion, and that is one lesson I'm not about to teach him. Knowing that the cushion was on my chair allowed me to have fun with him. Bwahhahaha.

That afternoon the whoopee cushion was once again the center of attention. It was blown up, a little to full. It was sat upon, with a little too much force. It popped, in an explosive, latex shredded sort of way. Bwahahhaaa. In true boy behavior the whoopee cushion came, and was destroyed. Sometimes playing rough has its advantages.

And then there is my daughter. If you ever wondered about the differences between boys and girls, my household is a case study for that truth.

EM likes to talk on the phone. I shared about it on Tuesday and here, and again today:

EM was chatting away on her play phone one night as I was tucking her in bed. I had to tell my 4-year-old to hang up her because she is not allowed to talk on the phone when it is bed time.

I'm not sure if I'm instilling good habits, or should I worry that we are having these conversations so soon.

Welcome to the joys, the laughs, and frustrations of parenting.

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