Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Our daughter is 4, going on 14 ... or maybe 24. 24, definitely 24-years-of-age (because then she will be out of the house, paying her own phone bill, and I won't have to listen to her being on the phone. All. The. Time.)

No, our 4-year-old is not calling her friends on the phone, or at least a real phone, or real friends. She loves to talk to her imaginary friend on a play phone. (Honestly, I'm contemplating placing the play phones in a time out due to this behavior.)

Below is the start of her conversation with her imaginary friend Jenny:

EM: Hi Jenny. yes, ummm, yes. Well, I simply adore fall.
Hubby and I were in stitches as she walked out of the kitchen continuing here conversation about fall.

Last week we were organizing clothes for school picture day. The younger two allowed me to pick out their clothes. JT is old enough to pick out his own clothes. Actually, let me rephrase that. He is old enough to know what he wants, and though it may not be what I want, clothes is one of those issues where I pick my battles (Mommy approved for church, kid approved ... within reason ... for school.)

The night before I was giving him some clothing guidelines.

Me: Pick a nice shirt, not a regular t-shirt, maybe one with a collar. Think you can pick something out you don't mind wearing?

JT: Sure, I also have on nice underwear.

Me: :::sigh:::, with smile

I have boys. I have elementary age boys living in my house. I'm constantly amazed at how they continue to morph into this "boyish" behavior. As they get older, they become more like boys. Fun boys, with a wacky sense of humor. Like telling their mother they are wearing nice underwear for picture day.

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Davene said...

Ah, yes, boys and their boyish behavior! Aren't they something?

I'm sure in the future, you'll look back at his school picture...and think about his nice underwear...and crack up. :)

Thanks for sharing a smile!

Jolanthe said...

Nice underwear...that's hilarious. You definitely need to scrapbook that one!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Boy humor is on the horizon at this house. That made me laugh! Hope that nice underware makes for a good picture :)

Love the "Fancy Nancy" sounding converstation, "...simply adore..."