Monday, July 13, 2009

More On the Cows

When I sat down to post We Appreciate Cows, Saturday July 11, I had an idea as to the points I wanted to make with the post. Somewhere between my head, where all the points were swimming, and the final written product the majority of my ideas swam right out of my ear. Probably has nothing to do with the distractions of kids, house, and the desire to just post something since my last post was made the previous Monday.

After reading the final product, after posting it, I knew there would be a comment made (Hi Mom) on the cost of cow supplies versus the cost of eating at Chick-fil-A.

So, here are those missing points:

While standing in the check-out line of Michael's with my cow-to-be materials I weighed the cost and convinced myself that this was an investment. (The meal may have cost me $20 in craft supplies this year, but next year it breaks down to $10 per use, the following year ~$6, the year after that ...) I had bought oversized t-shirts for all of us, the kids will grow into them, giving us many, many years of free meals. That is until the kids refuse to dress up, but by then I'll tell them they have two choices: Dress like a cow, or buy your own meal.

Plus, it was fun. Dressing up, taking the pictures, going out to eat, and getting free meals made it all fun.

Of course, at the initial purchase I had only bought one bottle of black puffy fabric paint, and so at that time the cost was below the cost of 4 Chick-fil-A meals. I completely underestimated the amount of paint in one bottle. I also underestimated the drying time when you pile globs of paint on a t-shirt.

Which lead to my second guessing this little endeavor Thursday night. L.A.T.E. Thursday night. Yep, at a late hour the whole endeavor seemed less then fun.

I also underestimated the messiness of the paint. Slowly, the paint blotches on my table and the glass front of my gas fire-place is being scrapped off. :::sigh:::

Second point: Cute Tails. The t-shirts had tails attached (via black electrical tape) to the back. They were very cute and I never took a picture of them. Well, maybe next year.

Third point: In order to get the kids dressed up (apparently FREE Chick-fil-A isn't a big motivator. Like ED said "but Mom, you always pay for the meals, why would I pay.") I explained that they just had to dress like a cow until after we order. All that was required of them was to walk up to the cash register, show off their cute cowness, and then they could take off the outfits. Well, we hadn't even ordered yet. The friendly Chick-fil-A lady and I were talking and before I knew it the kids were handing me masks, signs and t-shirts. :::sigh:::

Here are the outfits, all neatly folded and ready to be stored till next year. Now I just need to find some white sweat-pants to complete our outfits. Though next time I'm skipping the black paint. Black construction paper and tape will do just fine.

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