Saturday, July 11, 2009

We Appreciate Cows

4 T-shirts $10
4 Bottles of Black Puffy Paint @ $2.97 each $11.88
2 Foam Sheets @ .99 each $1.98
3 Slightly mortified children because their mom not only made them dress up like this,
but also made them walk into a restaurant dressed like this.

All for free meals at Chick-fil-A.

And where is a picture of me dressed up you ask. Yeah right! None exist. Oh wait, one does. A random guy in the parking lot took our picture. However, I have every confidence that the picture will sit in the camera, where no one will view it, and then be deleted.


Anonymous said...

So, exactly how much did you save on those free meals?

Love, Mother

Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned how great I think your mom is? :) She is FUNNY!!!!


Erin said...

Ha, Ha you two. Here is a follow-up on our cow costumes, and their cost.