Sunday, July 12, 2009

Those Were The Days

The Walkman, a must have tool for a child of the '80s. The only way to survive those family vacations; sitting in the back of the family car, trying to tune out your siblings and your father's bad taste in music. (My Mom usually began to act loopy on the return trip of most our family vacations. Now I realize why, she didn't have a Walkman and therefore forced to put up with bad music and obnoxious kids.)

How many had a Sony Sport Walkman? Yep, they seemed pretty popular, it seemed everyone had one.

These days what was once hip looks very outdated. I can't help but stifle a giggle when I see someone at the gym wearing over-the-ear head phones or carrying a Walkman ... a TAPE Walkman.

So what do today's kids think of these antique listening instruments? Well, 13-year-old Scott Campbell was asked by a United Kingdom magazine to try out a Walkman for one week. Here is his review, found on BBC.

I heard about this while listening to NPR's Scott Simon interviewed Scott Campbell on Weekend Edition Saturday.

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