Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Oh my, the birds and the bees have been a much discussed topic around here. No, we haven't been talking about it with the kids (thank goodness, I'm just not ready yet) just the kids talking away.

Lord Have Mercy!

ED and EM were talking about birds (like I said the birds and the bees.) EM was saying that a mommy bird and a baby bird get together and have baby birds.

ED chirped in (yes, pun intended) with "and then the daddy bird fly's away to find another mommy bird."

So they went back and forth with this discussion, basically repeating themselves until ED said:
Yes, but they have to be married first. (AMEN, but why does the daddy bird then leave.)

The other night at swim practice I was working on my Bible study. Several older kids (middle school aged) were arriving for their swim lessons. Here was their discussion.

Girl #1: I'm never getting married.

Girl #2: Oh you will. You will go to college, find a hot guy and marry.

Girl #3: Yes, probably. But, I'm never having children.

Girl #4: I agree. Kids are not worth the pain of having them.
(by this time I'm intently studying, biting my lip from laughing, and bending further over my books so they can't see me laughing.

The other evening we were listening to an episode of Adventures in Odyssey. The dad character commented on never allowing his daughter to date until her mom and he are dead.

JT: When will you let me date?

Me: (looking at Hubby) I'm thinking after we are dead is a good time.

JT: No, I want my kids to know you.
I don't know. Can we marry them off without the whole dating experience/drama?

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3 Blessings said...

I love the teen's conversation. I am pretty sure that they would have seen and heard me laughing. That is just too funny.
Have a beautiful day!

Ann said...

Kids say the funniest things...no matter how old they are! My teenage son says that "kids cost too much money, so he's not having any!"
Gotta love the thought process of the birds discussion!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh middle school girls...LOL!

Cute comments!

Happy TTT!