Thursday, March 5, 2009

Time is a Tickin'

I'm over 35. How do I know this? (other then remembering my birthday)

1. I get excited over household cleaning appliances. Or, this appliance.
They both deal with cleaning floors. Hmm, wonder what my pet peeve is?

2. All my favorite shows are no longer in production.
Ok, saying "all" is an over statement. But I haven't found enough shows to replace those no longer airing.

3. And, Escape to Witch Mountain has been remade.

Remember Escape to Witch Mountain? Oh, I remember watching this at my Grandparent's house. They had satellite and could get the Disney Channel.

And when I say "satellite" I mean the mongo, calling all aliens, satellite. Not like the little one now attached to the side of my house.

And when I say "Disney Channel" that would be the one and only Disney Channel available at that time. How many are there now?

Funny, I thought about the kids watch the original, but decided to wait until the youngest is a little older. Will I let them watch the remake, titled Race to Witch Mountain? Maybe, at some point. But I'll be sure to show them the original first. the originals are always better anyway.

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