Friday, March 6, 2009

Company Girl Coffee

Come in, put your feet up and have some coffee or tea. I'm enjoying some pumpkin spice coffee, recently found on sale at Target. I was so excited to find it since it is usually only found in the fall, and last fall I forgot to buy any.

I'm posting late today. It has been a crazy day. I'm helping to organize our school's carnival and auction, to be held next Friday. Today is the due date for many things, like game names and volunteer needs; programs, signs, and tickets will be designed over the weekend.

So now I'm taking a break, drinking my coffee, before I hit my freshly laundered and folded clothes.

Oh what fun this week has been! First, Rachel Anne introduced us to our kitchen. Oh dear, my kitchen certainly needed a fresh pair of eyes to look over it. Perfect timing for this little task since this week my zone is in the kitchen and I was able to accomplish so much in that one day. (Thank goodness because I don't think I've been back since.)

Then Tuesday we were given points for doing laundry. Anyone else have an extra spring in your step as you gathered those laundry piles? The only downside was that I had already finished Monday's laundry. Usually I'm not organized enough Monday morning and end up only completing a load of sheets or towels. Grrr, I was too organized Monday and completed all three loads of sheets and towels that day.

But don't worry, I have found more laundry to do. Our guest bed room sheets, mattress protector and quilts needed washed. Well, maybe they didn't need to be washed, but it is an extra 45 points!

Then there is today. She encouraged us to be bad! I'm so there. Let me see, I skipped the gym this morning. I didn't take a shower, OK that would be bad in a smelly sort of way. "Write a bad post" was one of her suggestions. Believe me, grammar, punctuation, and spelling is usually the last thing I worry about.

Well, I'm off to start sorting all those clean clothes so the kids can put them away when they come home from school. You stay seated and head over to Home Sanctuary for some more coffee.


secondofwett said...

Oh sound very busy.....I'm training my kids to do their own laundry so I couldn't get a lot of points for that either! Have a great wknd!

Rachel Anne said...

Did you take your retro points for the laundry you did on Monday?? don't forget those!

I can't say that I've had a spring in my step as I've done the laundry, but it HAS seemed less burdensome! It made me think we should get points for more of those "have to" chores. It opened up a whole new world of Small Things :)

My bad thing is going to be having an iced coffee latte (homemade, with ice cream) right in the middle of the day. I think I'll make it right now!

Erin said...

We can have retro points ... AWESOME!

Reese said...

Wow you are busy!!!
Have a super day!!!

Claudia said...

Pumpkin Spice Coffee sounds awesome. I picked some Creme Brulee Decaf a few weeks ago and have been enjoying that in the evenings. I'll sure be glad when it warms up around here and I can switch to iced tea.

Mommahen said...

Ohhhh. I bet I could so learn to love pumpkin spice coffee!

My bad thing was taking my kids out to play tennis, making hamburger helper for supper, AND not making that until 8:30. It made me nostalgic for summer and the days of no schedules.

mholgate said...

Sounds like you've been busy, busy this week! Me too. I'm trying to be good and follow my routine (that we made back in January) as much as possible.

As for being bad, let's just say it involved chocolate chip cookie dough! :)

Have a great weekend!

Dawn said...

Oh yum I love Pumpkin Spice coffee!!

I am still sifting through the laundry; I'll admit that I pretty much ignored it all week. It sounds like you have been super busy though!

Thanks so much for the visit! See you next week!

Anonymous said...

Great job on your points this week! Skip a shower, save some water. haha I think we, as a nation, obsess over showers more than others. Hope the carnival goes well. Sounds like fun!...the actual thing, not the deadlines. hehe