Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Welcome to Tiny Talk Tuesday, where we share a good laugh thanks to the those talking munchkins running around our houses.

My sons already have their future planned.

JT will go to work with Daddy, and be a lifeguard, and work for a local landscape company, and be a firefighter, and work at camp, and be a teacher.

Oh, and when he is a parent he will let his kids do anything they want to do.

Now where will they live?

At first the boys were never leaving the house. Then, JT announced he would purchase a mobile home and park it in front of our house. It was at that time he invited ED to live with him.

Finally, last summer, they announced they were moving into their own house. There was a new house for sale in our development and JT decided that was the house he would buy, after working all those jobs. The house now has new owners (not my children), but every time we go by it EM announces "that is JT's house."

Monday ED announced:

Mommy, I would do anything for you. Except cook food, wash dishes or the laundry.
If you are still living with us after college we shall see.
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Mary@notbefore7 said...

LOL - oh my! At least they have moved on to their own house.

Since he'll do anything except the big things, how about he lets you sleep till 10 on Saturday?