Saturday, February 28, 2009

You Are What You Watch?

What are your favorite TV shows? That was recently asked and it took me awhile to think it over, because:

I used to watch West Wing and Friends, religiously. Used to, they are now off the air.

I also loved Gilmore Girls, and watched them religiously. Except for the season when TV execs thought they would pit Gilmore and Friends against each another. Well, Friends won, for the first half of the hour. And I did a lot of flipping during that first half of the hour.

Hmmm, so what shows are still on prime time? OK, I used to watch ER, until the kids arrived then I couldn't stay up that late. I used to watch Law & Order and CSI, but the story lines began to get to me and I saw boogy men and child snatchers behind every corner.

Oh, and then there is the fact we now can't view NBC or CBS with our Direct TV subscription, but that is more the network's lost, not ours.

I do watch Grey's Anantomy. I'm hooked. Unfortunately. The story lines are a bit much for my puritan ways, but I'm still hooked regardless of the less then moral story lines.

Speaking of puritan ways I also watched Sex in the City, but could only view the TBS version. 1. We only had HBO during the 3 month promotional period and 2. I blushed too much when I did see it on HBO. With the TBS version I don't blush as much, but still can't watch it with Hubby. Don't ask, don't understand.

Oh, and Hubby and I just became House fans. But since they moved the time to 8pm on Mondays we don't always catch it. Plus, it is on the same time as Top Gear, found on BBC America. I'm not into cars, but these guys are seriously funny.

Hubby is into MythBusters, and any other shows found on Discovery and History Channel.

Reality series you ask? Nah, haven't gotten into them. Most of them just seem staged and a train wreck waiting to happen. Then again, the train wreck part is probably why a lot of people do enjoy them.

I'm an occasional Jon & Kate plus 8 and the Duggar family, 18 Kids and Counting, watcher. Occasional because I'm never sure when they are on, and apparently checking the TV listing is beyond my powers.

So that is what we watch. Or what we used to watch. Is it a sign that we are getting older? Most of the shows we love are no longer on the air, at least as original, prime time series'.

***So in writing this up I now know 18 Kids and Counting is on Tuesday evenings. Also, there are several shows without a link. They are without a link for no other reason then I'm lazy and tired of Googling for all these links. That, and I've already waisted too much time checking out all the website, reading them, checking this page and that page, and then realize I've spent 5 minutes on something that should have taken me 5 seconds.

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