Friday, February 27, 2009

Company Girl Coffee

Welcome. Come on in, no one is contagious anymore so it is safe to visit for awhile.

After several weeks of illness' among the kids we ended it with a blowout couch-fest last week. Hubby and I were wiped out with colds for most of the week, and when we weren't hanging out on the couch JT was there with a fever.

Knock, knock on wood everyone has been healthy this week.

Among all this sickness the cleaning has been pushed to the side. Even with everyone healthy this week I've found other activities to keep me busy and finally swept the carpet and cleaned the kitchen floor yesterday. Nothing else, but at least the floors are clean.

I'm not stressing about it. That is the wonderful thing about having a cleaning system, if I skip a week or two it is no big deal. The zones (yes, zones as in Fly Lady) were cleaned the month before and will be cleaned again in March.

That is what I like about the zones, and Rachel Anne's Small Things, they can be picked up, and dropped, at any time. If I miss a few, no big deal. During busy, and sick, weeks, I try to cover the basics, can't stand a messy floor. Well most of the basics, the bathrooms are looking a little sad and hopefully I'll attack one or two later today with a quick wipe. (Obviously, I won't be turning in my points for the month of February, but I'm sending an email to be entered into the random drawing for that awesome t-shirt.)

Do you have a cleaning system? What is it? Do you have a "basic" that you must clean, like the floors?
And while you are leaving a comment let me know if you have a chore system for your kids. Establishing a chore system is also on my to-do list for today. The kids are old enough to do certain chores around the house, like cleaning their bathroom. Like my own cleaning system, I'm hoping that by giving one to the kids these chores will be done more regularly, and they can earn some spending money.


Janet said...

Thanks for telling me about the Fly Lady and her zones. I'll have to check that out.

When my kids were younger, we turned Saturday mornings into family work time. We all had our designated weekly chores to do, worked "together" throughout the house and around the yard, then did something fun in the afternoon.

Thanks for the coffee! Have a happy day.

Dani said...

I will be checking out Fly Lady, too. I looked for just a second, and it looks very interesting.

I made a schedule for cleaning with Rachel Anne, and I have really liked it. I also have a chores list posted for Olivia to complete. There is also a website called Handipoints that is really cool for kids...helps them keep track of their chores. You can establish rewards that they work towards.
Thanks for coffee!

Kara said...

I do the FlyLady zones, also. :) Hmm about the cleaning schedule, I don't have kids, but I do have a husband. And since cleaning is not his forte (and I say that with all love and respect...he will even admit it), we do have a cleaning schedule. Although I'm still trying to tweak it to what's appropriate. If I make it too rigorous, we both become overwhelmed and grumpy. If I make it too simple, things start looking dirty (like dust accumulating) and I then I get anxious. I'm still trying to figure it out. My basic requirements are that I want the downstairs to look ready for company. That includes the floors, tables, couches, counters, and bathroom. I don't like stressing out if someone decides to stop by. I've also found that learning not to procrastinate is key. Don't look at something that will take 30 seconds and say you'll do it later. Do it now. (Although this is easier preached than lived.)

That's my long two cents on the topic. :)

Thanks for sharing!

secondofwett said...

Oh my.....the last year in my household has been so bad that I'm afraid a regular cleaning schedule has gone out the window.....I must confess to a 'clean on demand' know when it screams clean me then I do it..:0)
My teens, all spec needs to one degree or another have one chore that they must accomplish each day.The chore never changes so it suits them...they don't like change when it comes to work! Thanks for stopping in!

onemotherslove said...

I need to check into these zones, too! I worked on my chore chart with Rachel Anne & was doing pretty good when a cousin's wedding preparations threw everything off!

Luanne said...

The key for me is to just do SOMETHING!! I get overwhelmed if I have too many big projects to do and then I do NOTHING! I agree, that's why I like Rachel Anne's small things! Thanks for the coffee!

michelle@princessat heart said...

Hi Nice to join you for company girl coffee! Regarding housecleaning,I love the system that Emilie Barnes used to teach with the index cards. You write down chores for each day and keep them in an index box, and then rotate them as you do them. Regarding kid's chores, there is a helpful kids' chore checklist at Kathy Peel's website,I am going to start using that myself! happy friday!

mholgate said...

I use the FLYLady zones also. I kind of combined that with a book I read called the "90 Day Change Your Life Challenge" by Brooke Noel. She uses a "Catch All" notebook. The cool thing about FLYLady is that she has challenges for your kids. Have you read any of those? Also, try brousing Rachel Anne's sister's blog? She's got some great advice about kid chores. Check it out! :)

Have a great day and good luck!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by. For the jelly bean test it sounds like you have to eat a lot of them...

Hope the sickness will stay away.

My must-do if I have to get things done but no time is floor clutter. I can't stand it.

She's So There said...

We have found that a whole family 10 makes all the difference after dinner. Each child and adult takes a chore: wipe downs (glass), pick ups (with a tub) deliveries( takes items to owners room) Sweeper (we're all wood) wow what a difference 10 makes!

Pink {Aloha Monkey} said...

I guess the icky sickies are going around. Glad to hear your family is feeling better too.

Ah, the zones. I really need to get back into the zones. I'm consistent about shining my sink and swishing and swiping every morning, though.

Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

Lisa said...

I've been doing FlyLady for about a year. What an incredible system!

I've also really enjoyed a book that Rachel Anne suggested about home management by Bonnie somebody.

My "thing" is the kitchen. I really try to stay on top of it.

Rachel Anne said...

I use my "basic" schedule that tells me which general categories to work on each day. That way I don't hyperventilate over the laundry on Monday, when it's "cleaning day," and I don't worry about cleaning on laundry day. It's not very super specific, but it works for me.

I love how people have found systems and methods that fit their lives and personalities! Great responses!