Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Week's Recap

Last weekend our friends visited. We had a great time. The kids played, we talked, and after the kids went to bed enjoyed our annual fondue dinner and drank a bit too much wine.

Dealt with 1 sick kid during the weekend. But when he wasn't sleeping he was heavily medicated and doing fine.

Monday and Tuesday Hubby and I were knocked out by our colds.

*I tried to continue our extracurricular activities, though I felt like the walking dead.

Wednesday and Thursday JT was knocked out by ED's illness from the week before. Wednesday EM had a friend over to play, her mom was forewarned.
*By this time all attendance to extracurricular activities by any member of our family was cancelled.

Thursday Hubby came home early, much to the relief of his co-workers who followed him out the door with a can of Lysol.

Friday we all seemed to be on the mend. All children were in school. Hubby was back at work and I attacked the piles that were left growing around our house.
*We resumed our extracurricular activities, tonight dinner at the in-laws.

Saturday brought a relapse. I had laryngitis that morning and spent it in bed. Hubby continued to hack up a lung, and spent the afternoon in bed. JT's fever returned and spent a good part of the day in bed.
*All extracurricular activities were cancelled.

Sunday, we all seem to be on the mend ... again.

So, if you were planning on stopping by you may want to think again. Take notice to the red tape across our front door. Enter at your own risk. A mask may be highly recommended.

And if you recently visited our house, I'm extremely sorry. And we cannot be held responsible for anything you may have been afflicted with since visiting. Please come again, maybe in the spring.

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Anonymous said...

I figured the pestulance had landed again as we had not seen or heard from you in awhile. Sorry everyone is so sick. Hang in there. Spring is on the way!
Love ya!
Jana & Crew