Thursday, February 12, 2009

Warning: Fun Weekend Ahead

Welcome to another Friday, and a chance to chat with great virtual friends. Thank you for stopping by; have a seat and don't forget to grab a cup of your favorite drink.
This was another one of those weeks, busy. No snow days this time but one of the kids was sick, again. This means I've also been home, not always a bad thing.

Friends are coming for a visit this weekend. We have known these friends as long as we have been married, oh my that is 12 1/2 years. They have three girls, the same age as our children. Since moving to Virginia 4 years ago they have come down and visited us every year, oh how privileged we are to have such good friends.

Next week I promise to post a picture of my newly organized cupboards. Last week some of you marveled at the fact that I label my containers.
HA! Don't marvel too long. It is inevitable that, at some point, tea bags will migrate to the container labeled "marshmallows." The box labeled "snack bars" will be filled with stuffing. And that container with the white pearly stuff in it ??? Oh, why didn't I label that one when I first poured the contents into the container.
Saying I label is one thing, keeping up with it is something completely different.
Well I'm off. After a morning of meetings, errand running and a quick work-out, I'm off to tidy up the house. I still need to wipe down the light switches and door knobs. With guests coming and this bug that keeps recycling itself among the kids our house it is much over due for a disinfecting.

This doesn't mean you need to leave. Poor yourself another cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, ... and head over to Rachel Anne's for more coffee talk. Enjoy!


mholgate said...

Thanks for coming for coffee today! I definitely laughed out loud when I read your comment about the mom who gives her kids stickers in church!

Sorry to hear that you have a bug going around. Hope you feel better soon!


Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Hope the flu bug soon flees your home! I really think wiping the handles and switches makes a huge difference. Enjoy your weekend with your friends!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Have a great time this weekend!

Hope the bug leaves the house soon!

Rachel Anne said...

I may not have gotten to our door knobs and switches soon enough. I'm starting to feel a little under the weather, but I'm HOPING that it is just allergies! The antihistamines are making me very sleepy!

I think it's wonderful to have family friends like that. You are making some great memories, and sharing history with people really bonds you. We don't have friends that come from out of town and stay with us but our good "old" friends are very special.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

One More Equals Four said...

Have a great weekend, enjoy the company! What a blessing to have such good friends!

pam said...

I hope you are enjoying your weekend with friends.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good time with your friends. It's great to have friends who have kids the same age too. Hope the bug goes away.