Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ladies ... Start Your Cropping!

Or stamping, crocheting, knitting, .... Your hobby of choice.

Yes, the 2009 NASCAR season started today. And since the man and the boys in my life are gear heads they are hooked. They have been talking about this for weeks.

What does this mean for me? It means we are not planning any outside activities on a Sunday afternoon. Or woe is me if I even suggest we miss part of a race to do something as simple as go on a family walk.

And a free afternoon where most people in our family are glued to the TV means I can head downstairs and complete some scrapbooking.

If I keep this up I may be done with 2008 (I'm still finishing 2007 and just started the kid's baby books) by the time this NASCAR season comes to a close in October ... or is it November?
At which point someone can explain to me why watching cars drive in a circle is considered entertainment.

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