Monday, February 23, 2009

There is Something New On My Nightstand!

What's On Your Nightstand

Welcome to "What's On Your Nightsand?" A monthly meme hosted by 5 Minutes for Books. Here we share what we are reading, and maybe get a few suggestions for our own reading list.
I've done it! It is done, all 6 are read. Yeah! I've completed finally my Jane Austen read-a-thon, which I started last summer. By September, after a few reading distractions, I kicked my Austen read-a-thon into the final laps thanks to Callapidder Days Fall into Reading Challenge. Soon after the challenge ended in December I started the final book, Mansfield Park.

Mansfield Park is about Fanny Price. As a young girl Fanny was sent to live with her wealthy Aunt & Uncle. Always feeling an outsider the book followers her as she comes into her own. I must confess, this book was the hardest of all of Austen's books to read. Most likely because it was left till last, and by January I was ready to move on. Other books were calling my name.

The very next book I read, and finished by the following day, was The Boxcar Children. Yes, a large departure from Jane Austen. However, my oldest son is now a voracious reader, and he is into The Boxcar Children (more on this next month.) He is on book 3, I'll be starting #2 as soon as I finish ...

The Forbidden, by Beverly Lewis. Beverly Lewis writes about the Amish communities in and around Lancaster County. The Forbidden is the second in The Courtship of Nellie Fisher series.

After I catch up to my son with The Boxcar Children books I've be moving my way through the books sitting on my nights stand. The list includes a biography or two and several Jane Austen spin-offs (the reasons to the whole Austen read-a-thon.)


Trish said...

Way to go on finishing Jane Austen! My favorite is Persuasion.

Happy reading. :)

Julie said...

Great job! My ds2 loved the Boxcar books, too. Happy reading. :)

carma said...

I read Mansfield Park years ago as part of a book club. I agree- very difficult to get through!

Bluestocking said...

I like the Austen selection.


Lindsay said...

WTG finishing your Jane Austin read-a-thon! Have fun reading this next month and getting caught up with your son :-)

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

My daughter loved the Boxcar Children too. The more modern ones aren't as good, but I think she read almost all of them (and there are a LOT).

PJs Til Noon said...

Two of my favs! I adore Jane and as a child a reread the Boxcar Children over and over.
Great books! Love your title.