Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Don't Eat That!

At some point, during every school year, my children's teachers will receive a home made food item as a gift.  Christmas, Valentine's, Teacher Appreciation, End of Year ... I have found giving gifts to teachers helps when you have a difficult child. 

Every time I make a food gift my children will ask, beg, and whine to help, but they can't because I don't.

Did I mention I'm a little Type A.

I do, however, allow the children to deliver "their" gifts.  I tend to hover in the background, allowing the teacher and student to have their moment.  Then I hear the question, "did you help make this?"

Ah, the guilt sets in.  "No", I will reply, along with the child, "I'm a little too Type A to allow the kids to help me."  Well, that and I'm usually constrained by time, so I'm just looking to complete the job with minimal mess and drama. 

However, the question always makes me feel guilty.  No, I do not allow my children to help me, to learn a skill and craft a gift for their teacher.

I used to feel guilty, until I heard this story.  Now, there is no more guilt.

I co-worker was talking about her student teaching experience, and one of the pieces of advice her cooperating teacher gave her was, "never eat any food your student gives you."  Meaning, unless you know the family, you may not want to eat anything from their kitchen.  Even if you know the family, if the child helped make it you may be taking your health into your own hands.

Ah, now that question is put into a new perspective.  The teachers were not judging my worthiness as a parent by asking if the kids helped make it, they were just wondering if it was safe to eat. 

Maybe, this year I'll attach a sticker, "No Children Participated in the Making of this Food Item."

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