Sunday, November 20, 2011

Listen Up!

It is true, my nature tends to lean on the road rage side of driving, aka I yell a lot when driving.

And, there are some drivers that cause me to yell a little more then usual.

Drivers who tend to make be yell the loudest are those who do not use the provided center lane when they are turning left.  Instead they stop in the middle of the moving lane, stopping traffic behind them, waiting for traffic (2 lanes over) to clear, and then turn left.


The fact that there is a center lane, with a curving arrow point to the left, means nothing to you?

So, for all those who wonder why there is a third lane, in the center of the street, with a curving arrow pointing to the left, here is a short tutorial ... since you seem to have forgotten since taking that driver's ed class.

(Note, that this is taken from the Virginia DMV handbook; however, I'm taking a wild guess that it is the same in most U.S. states.)

"On three-lane roads with traffic moving in both directions, road markings show when drivers may use the center lane for making left turns or for passing.

If the center lane is marked by a single broken yellow line on both sides, drivers traveling in either direction may use the center lane for passing.

If both sides of the center lane are marked by a solid yellow line and a broken yellow line, drivers traveling in either direction may use the lane for making left turns.  However, they may not travel further than 150 feet in this

OK, so, now you know.  That center lane, the one that has caused you to scratch your head all these years in bewilderment, "why would they build a lane no one drives on, that darn stimulus package, what a waste", is there for a reason.  I am suggesting you use it.

Thank you!

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