Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Thankful List

To go along with the theme of Thanksgiving, here is my thankful list. 

Granted, I haven't had a continual theme of anything on my blog, unless procrastination counts.  In that case, I'm continuing my theme of procrastination by posting my Thankful List the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  (This appears to be a tradition of mine.)

I Am Thankful For:

A loving God, who doesn't give up on me.

My husband, who also doesn't give up on me.

3 healthy children, who make me smile and laugh every day.

That Hubby and I are both employed.

That I found a job that is flexible with the fact that I am a mom.

A warm house, with closets filled with clothes and cupboards filled with food. 

Health insurance, eye insurance, and dental insurance.   
(This was even more appreciated our 4th trip to the Optometrist to straighten ED's glasses.  The new ones we had replaced, when he broke his first pair 2 months ago.  It was at that time we realized all of our glasses have a 1 year warranty, and it even covers crazy kids doing crazy things with their glasses.)

Our health, so we do not need to test the boundaries of the above insurance.

I'm noticing that my thankful list is running another theme, being thankful for items that many are, unfortunately, doing without.  While I am thankful that we have been minimally affected by the recession, I do wonder what more we can do to help others. 

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