Friday, November 27, 2009

My Thankful List

During the month of November many friends on Facebook have daily posted what they are thankful for, and many who blog have skipped the daily postings by writing one post with all their thankful thoughts.

I'm in the later category.

Being that this is the Friday after Thanksgiving I thought this an appropriate day to share my list (OK, the day after Thanksgiving has nothing to do with my list, but as I'm celebrating Thanksgiving with my family today this is what I have at the time.) So, without further ado, my thankful list. And, before anyone starts to complain, there is no particular order to this list. So, teachers though you are at the bottom of the list you are thought of very highly, almost at God status (who is at the top, so there is some particular order to the first three.) However, since placing someone at "god" status would be sacreligious ....

Sorry, I digress.

Now Without further ado ... My Thankful List

A merciful and loving God
My wonderful husband
3 fun, healthy, energetic and loving children
Parents, siblings, and in-laws
A warm, dry house
Being able to stay home with my children
A freezer, refrigerator and cupboards full of food
While we are on the topic of appliances, my dishwasher, oh and steam mop and coffee maker
And, my washer and dryer
Able to scrapbook, and record all our memories
A loving church family, many who are also friends
And speaking of friends, our friends. Friends who laugh with us,
vent with us, and tell us to get over ourselves when we vent for too long
Books to read
Wonderful teachers for my children

What is on your thankful list?

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