Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year!

Good morning, eh ... afternoon. We were all up till midnight, at a friends house, to ring in the new year, and watch a stunt guy jump some insane distance, over water, in a car.

All this means we awoke late this morning, ate a late breakfast, sort of skipped lunch, and are still in our PJ's. I say what a good way to start off the new year.

Resolutions! Isn't that what we talk about at the start of a new year? Other then the usual resolutions; you know save money, eat less, workout more, earn supermom award of the year, blah, blah, blah, I haven't made any new ones.

I forgot.

Some how the fact that 2010 has now arrived escaped me. No resolutions. No yearly plan. Just another day.

In years past I liked to create a theme to our year. Elizabeth George made this suggestion in her book A Woman After God's Own Heart. (I think it was this book, and this author.) With young children, our theme one year was the Year of Growth. 2009 was named the Year of Trying New Things (and then took the kid's to a local Ethiopian restaurant. We loved it, the kids not so much.)

Now let me point out a small fact, other then giving a year a theme we don't do much more with the idea.

So here is 2010, and I don't have a theme for the year (granted, I never seem to do anything with the theme. However, I like themes. Labels. They are fun, and a good excuse to do things like go out to eat.)

So, what can I call this year? The Year of Slowing Down. The Year I (finally) Organize the Basement. The Year We (finally) Finish Painting the House.

Since most of our events revolve around children, what about The Year of Still Growing Children. The Year We Exit the "Younger Years." (Our youngest will turn 5-years-old, no more infants, toddlers and preschoolers.) Oh, following that theme what about The Year I Grow Up and Decide What I Want to Do and Find a Job.

Do you have any resolutions or themes for the new year?

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Zoanna said...

Hi, I found you through Home Sanctuary.
You and I are alike in our thinking about a "theme" for the year. Though I haven't named mine, per se, I would call the "main dish" of 2010 The Year of Pondering God's Majesty, and the side dish is Gratitude. If you want, you can read more on my blog. I post almost daily. Happy New Slowing Down Year!

PS Kindred spirits about organizing the basement. I am exhausted and will probably post pics of our transformations soon.

Mom23Boys said...

Thanks for the book suggestion...I like the idea of a theme for the year. Something to think about! Happy New YEar!

Anonymous said...

I love all these theme ideas for the New Year! Great ideas. I love Elisabeth George but I've not read that book. Sounds like a great one. I've got a long list of books I'd like and I need to read. I'm bad about starting books and not finishing them.
Happy New Year!

UKZoe said...

I've done 2 extended posts about my themes recently. Think it's the last 2 thursday 13 posts on my blog. BUT put simply, my theme for this coming year is SIMPLICITY!

secondofwett said...

I don't have a theme but I definitely want to get my basement organised too! There always seems to be something else that gets in the kids, appointments, and more appointments....losing my calendar might be a good theme! :0)

carikaufm said...

For me, this year is the Year of Being Sure.

I want to BE SURE that I am following God's guidance, teaching His message, and living my testimony. Oh, and I want to BE SURE to clean the garage!

dawn said...

I know, I want a theme for the year too...don't have one yet.

SusanC said...

I didn't realize I had a theme until you mentioned it. Thanks!

One More Equals Four said...

I am with you. The new year has crept up...or rather spung up on me and I have neither goals nor themes in mind. How about The Year of Just Getting By? Or maybe The Year of Spontanaity (translated as the year I am not goin to plan anyway so lets call it spontanaity! Good luck!

jennibell said...

Good goals for the new year! My suggestion would be to commit these things to a calendar. When I did my New Year's post I have assigned one major goal a month to achieve. Yes, I'd like to do ALL that stuff RIGHT NOW but that's not realistic. So setting realistic goals that keep the things you already do in mind will help you to achieve these things on your list. Good luck to and Happy 2010!!!