Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of Year

Ahhh, this has been a good vacation. Not that those in the past have not also been good, but this has been good and pseudo-productive, in that Christmas vacation sense.

Yes, I realize I'm not making any sense.

So, originally I was forming (in my head) a post about our lack of New Year's Eve celebrations. The past few years we usually planned a get-together at our house; however this year, by Christmas, I was hosted out and really didn't want to be concerned about cooking, shopping or cleaning the house ... we can do all that next week. Hubby and I figured we would either crash at a friend's house, or crash at our own and play Wii.

If only I was emotionally secure enough to accept a New Year's Eve at home, no friends, no invitations. I'm not, so when friends of ours did invite us to their house I jumped at the chance. (These are very good friends because they have had our family to their house numerous times. Few people invite my children to their house numerous times.)

Ah, it feels good to pull that out of my head.

So, what else was I going to write about?

Let's see ... oh, never mind, maybe I'll ramble some more tomorrow. At the moment I can't seem to find a continuous stream of thought, and that is with the kids taking "quiet time" in preparation for tonight. Meaning it is quiet in our house at the moment, and probably a good time to take a shower before tonight's festivities. Plus, soon the kids will soon be down, demanding we (finally) make the gingerbread house (a boxed kit which has been sitting on my counter for two weeks.)

So, Happy New Year! Here is to 2010, a new year and a new decade. Oh my, I just realized this will be a decade without diapers, gestation, and lactation. It feels like 2010 will be a good year, and the start to a good decade ... a decade of growing children into teenagers and discussions about soooo many topics I DON'T want to discuss. Suddenly, the diapers and lactation is looking good.

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