Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Christmas

Merry Christmas!

For the record, we celebrate Christmas on a random day, any day during the week of Christmas other then Christmas Day. It makes scheduling all our other family Christmas' a little less stressful, plus we can have a day just to ourselves, creating our own traditions. Thankfully, with Hubby's work schedule this is possible. This year we celebrated on Christmas Eve day.


More Presents!

It was a LEGO Christmas. Each child received LEGOs. After the unwrapping ceremony 4 out of 5 members of our family were busy building. Minus the messy floors, I like LEGOs, it keeps them busy, and quiet.

This picture was taken at my parent's house. This was the first year that Santa Claus was related to any of our children's Christmas celebrations. The story why Santa has never made an appearance before is for another posting.

I'm trying to take pictures without my flash, au naturale. The problem is in low light settings where the subject keeps moving (or when the photographer keeps moving.) FYI: to spelling check the words au naturale may I suggest digging out your French 101 book, DO NOT GOOGLE it.

"So", you ask, "how is that no flash thing working out for ya?"

It does help to not have a dog walking by, with or without flash.

Would someone please stop the world, I'm trying to take a picture here.

The aftermath! We arrived home late Sunday night. The majority of the toys were still in their boxes by Monday when the trash man drove by our house. We are slowly working our way through the gifts (honestly, we didn't get that many but with 3 children they do add up.) By next Monday we should have all boxes and trash ready for the truck.

Merry Christmas.

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timshel7 said...

Hey, I recognize some of the people in these pictures - blurry or not! And seeing Santa (even hugging him) did nothing for his unbelief! :)