Monday, December 7, 2009

The Picture

For anyone, breathlessly, waiting for a picture of JT's walnut boat mobile .... TA DA:

No, that isn't seaweed hanging off the mobile, it was hung under my donkey's tail plant.

One night, after the project was finished and before he turned it in, the poor kid came downstairs and confessed that he was feeling nervous. He was afraid that people would think the project was silly.

Far from it. The morning he turned it in kids and teachers were admiring the mobile. One teacher commented on the wonderful use of recycled materials. Actually, she made that comment twice.

I laughed. Nothing was recycled. Everything (except the paper and tape which were already on hand) was bought specifically for this project. Shhhhhh.

Anyone interested in half a bag of whole walnuts? Do nuts go bad?

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