Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Is Coming

Our town celebrated the beginning of the Christmas season with the annual Christmas parade (or, is it called the holiday parade? Oh well, this is my blog so I'll call it what I want.)

And, regardless of what all the stores have been telling us since the end of September, I say that the holiday Christmas season does not begin until the 1st of December, or the day after Thanksgiving if you are really anxious. Of course, that doesn't explain my home town who hosts their holiday Christmas parade sometime in the middle of November?

This year's parade theme must have been a gingerbread theme because most of the floats were decked out as gingerbread houses, and a lot of people wore chefs outfits, or dressed in their PJ's, carrying mixing bowls and cookie sheets. PJ's and cookie sheets?

***Edited to add: I've been informed, the parade theme was "Sweet Dreams."

This was our first parade, well the first parade the kids got to see, live. As you can see, this momma's a parade novice. No one told me we should take blankets, chairs, and hot chocolate. Well, the kids told me, after we arrived.

So, to keep the kids warm until the parade began they ran up and down the street. When the street is closed to vehicular traffic one might as well take advantage of it and tell their children to play in the middle of the street. Bwahhahahahaha

I'm disappointed this picture did not turn out as well as I had hoped. The band was marching close to the curb, and there my kids sitting near marching feet, covering their ears because the music was loud. (They thought it was loud. Some day I wish they could hear themselves yelling inside the house, now that is loud.)

Random guy ridding a very tall bicycle.

Some day I would like to learn how to take night-time pictures.

And the end of the parade, Santa Claus.

The kids loved it, though they alternated between loving the parade, and complaining about how tired and cold they were. Hubby and I briefly discussed walking over to the local ice cream shop for peppermint ice cream, but my feet were freezing, the ice cream shop has only outdoor seating, and all but one child would not have enjoyed the walk, even if it was for ice cream.

The next sign that Christmas is coming: a trip to the tree farm (along with the many concerts and recitals we have this week.) Hope for dry weather, or it may be our last.

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