Friday, November 13, 2009


Welcome, come in. Coffee or tea, and a sticky bun? They are left over from last weekend's retreat, and still delicious. Or, maybe some chocolate. I just grabbed a hand full, realized I needed some after leaving a punchy comment on today's Small Thing. (Something about dead wasps on my front porch. It was meant in fun, but you know how somethings posted in writing may not come across as fun.)

First, I need to make a correction to my posting from last week's Company Girl Coffee. Apparently, typing out my posts at 10 at night is not the best of times, and even though I proof read it the following day, before posting, I may not catch my errors (which, in this case I did not.)

My list of 10 Changes started out with "I changed my mine." Would that be a diamond mine or land mine? Maybe I would like to move to Mine, Saga, Japan or Mine, Yamaguchi, Japan?


Last Tuesday, I changed my MIND. Apparently, I need to change it to one with a better dictionary.

Also, from last week's post I need to answer a question. I mentioned our Sunday school was getting together for a retreat that weekend, for Twitter-like details on our weekend check out this posting. Secondofwett, the SS retreat was for the members of our Sunday school. It wasn't for SS teachers or our primary kids,no nothing as productive as that. Just a bunch of friends, who happen to be in the same SS, getting together and enjoying the weekend.

Speaking of friends. Looking around at our group it occurred to me that everyone has at least one connection, outside of church and SS, with at least another member of our class. There are those who are related, friends who grew up together, attended the same school, same college, or work at the same company. I know we live in a small town, but I didn't realize how small.

Oh, and I must tell you. On Monday EM and I headed over to my in-laws to make applesauce. My in-laws have applesauce making down to a science, with a precise system, and no recipe. My Mother-in-law is the type of cook to throw in a little of this and a little of that, stir, a dash more, and voila, it is perfect.

Well, she had to leave for work in the middle of our applesauce making and guess who had to mix and stir? MOI! I'm more of a measure exactly and stick to the recipe kind of gal. Thankfully, this applesauce is for my family. Thankfully! And thankfully, most of the family has a high tolerance for salt. My first few batches turned out OK, but I was a little too free with the salt sprinkling on our final batch. I just had some applesauce from that batch mixed in with yogurt. Yep, when we eat it that batch will need to be mixed in with something.

That little experience certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone. Have you been pushed out of your comfort zone this week? What did you do, and how did it turn out?

Happy Company Girl Coffee.


Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

That's great about the applesauce. Maybe you can post instructions next week!? Have a great weekend!

secondofwett said...

Thanks for letting me know abt the s.s. retreat...I was wondering....hubby took me to a lovely inn which hopefully I'll post pics on my was a lovely setting for lunch...which, considering the cost was all we could afford! Some places are just so darn expensive! Anyways, it was a lovely day and we even went to the movies in the evening at an older theatre that was still showing Juile & Julia....a movie I had wanted to all was good. A very nice birthday....

Beth said...

My grandma was the same way about the applesauce- well- about all cooking- it was a little of this and that, and no recipes. I should have written them down! Anyway, I have twice now mostly-sucessfully made my own homemade applesauce (once last night!), and I think it's turning out pretty well.... but I am sure I could learn a lesson or two from you and your in-laws. :)

Rachel Anne said...

My grandmothers made everything that way...little of this, little of that...throw it into a "moderate" oven until it springs back to the touch....all very vague directions.

I chuckled over your corrections...I knew what you meant for "mine" and did not think you were referring to an explosive device. Ha, that's pretty funny to think about.

I'm with the applesauce instructions!

joyceandnorm said...

I'm in awe of people who can cook like that. My dad has cooked in many different restaurant and even owned a restaurant, but alas all his children have to cook from recipes. He never really taught us because he would get frustrated and just do things himself. haha "Can you tell me how many dashes of that you have to up in, and exactly how big is a dash?" =p

Mother said...

Why are you putting salt in applesauce? Nothing goes in mine but Golden Delicious apples and a little water.