Friday, November 6, 2009


Come in, sit down, enjoy some coffee and a cinnamon roll while you are here.

Did you notice that lists seemed to kick off November's Small Things?

It has been a while since I wrote out a to do list, and was grateful for Rachel Anne's little push to start November with a plan. The list doesn't hold any grand plans, just simple projects I want done and off my plate.

  1. Order Sunday school materials
  2. Caulk sink, bathtub and door
  3. Order Christmas cards, and family pictures
  4. Clean basement (one of these days)
  5. Reconcile accounts (just in time for the new year)
  6. Plan Sunday school assemblies
  7. Get my bracelet fixed
Then Tuesday Rachel Anne asked us to make some changes. Big changes, little changes, we could rack up to 100 points for the changes we made. Here is my list of changes, but please understand Tuesday was an odd day for me. Most of the house work was completed Monday, so the sheets and towels were already changed. Tuesday was election day, and parent teacher conference day, and date day for Hubby and I. That was my day, and explains why my change list may be, well ... um ... reaching. (Rachel Anne, you have veto power on these.)

  1. I changed my mind (I am a woman)
  2. Changed my underware (Rachel Anne said it first)
  3. I made change (again, I am a woman, I do shop)
  4. I changed the coffee filter
  5. We changed teachers (parent conferences for JT, ED and EM)
  6. I changed around the freezer (and we need a larger one. Can anyone suggest a stand up freezer.)
  7. Changed chairs with Hubby (at one P/T conference my feet couldn't touch the floor, which was funny in an elementary school where most chairs you sit in place your knees at your ears.
  8. Changed my moisturizer
  9. Changed shirts (Hubby and I went out for lunch, and I ordered stir fry noodles, with lots of sauce. A sauce splattered shirt is not the best impression to set at P/T conference.)
  10. Changed political parties (my ballot went Dem/Rep/Dem/Rep)

What changes did you make on Tuesday?

Well, I'm off to finish organizing and packing (and as I'm collecting toiletries to organize my bathtub.) We are off for our annual Sunday school retreat. Lots of laughter, food, games, good friends, and food. Hmmm, better make a quick trip to the gym this morning to compensate for all the food.

Happy Company Girl Coffee.


Sallie said...

a Sunday School retreat sounds like a blast!! I loved your lists :-)

Have a great weekend!
Sallie said...

I thrive on lists. They make me happy and more likely to do something. Is there not something so satisfying about checking something off?

mholgate said...

Yes, it was a good week for Small Things. :) I changed my mind too, but not sure it was worth 10 points!

Have a fantastic weekend! Thanks for the coffee.


Anonymous said...

Love lists...especially when I get to cross things off of them. =) Have a wonderful time at the retreat.

secondofwett said...

Is the Sunday school retreat just for the teachers or for kids or what...I'm intrigued since my daughter and I head up the sunday school in our church.....We changed to a stand up freezer a few years ago and I would not go back to a chest...there were a few times I nearly stood on my head trying to get something in the bottom!

Rachel Anne said...

I like your list of changes. I will not veto any of them :)

Changing your mind? Well, that's your perrogative (sp?) right?

I got a new bra and it changed my life. Instantly. It really boosted my mood.

Kim said...

looks like you are doing lots of changing! ;)
have a good weekend

One More Equals Four said...

great list of changes...I can tell I wasn't nearly creative enough and only gave myself credit for 5 changes...too bad too many days have passed and I can't think of more to add. Hope you had a great time on your S.S. trip!

Anonymous said...

Oh your lists are great. I make lists...and then I lose the lists. I try to make a new list, but I forget something from the original list. Makes me crazy! I make me crazy! But I do enjoy crossing things off too when the rare occasion happens that my list doesn't get lost.
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Wow - you are on a roll! I love lists, too. My November goal is to have a list of Christmas gifts (and hopefully start shopping!) Have a great week. Thanks for the coffee and cinnamon rolls!