Monday, November 9, 2009

Memo Monday

Dear Political Candidates (past and future),

After election day please, please, PLEASE remove all "vote for me" signs. I don't care if you win or loose, but I do care that I must continue looking at these pieces of trash; because now that the election is over they are trash, littering the sides of the road, and since your name is on said trash YOU are littering.

My proposal, to help you to organize this clean-up party, is to volunteer a few low level volunteers. A few college students will do, though be sure to provide coffee, doughnuts, and a few FREE food coupons to WaWa. It is amazing what college students will do for free food. Maybe offer an incentive, those with the most signs will receive FREE food coupons to Chick Fil'A, or gift cards to Target.

So, in conclusion, I respectively suggest that you clean up after yourselves, that is all I ask. Set an example. And fulfill one of your campaign promises, cleaning up our streets.

Thank you.

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