Monday, June 22, 2009

You Know You Are A Parent When ...

You rave about appliances, even blog about the coolest floor cleaning appliance ever (and call it "the coolest floor cleaning appliance ever.)

While talking to a friend you can discuss politics and Olivia's new show in one conversation.

You hire a college-age babysitter for the evening and when you ask if 9 or 10 was too late for her she says "No." She's a college student, her evening doesn't begin till 10, at the earliest.

Some days just getting a shower, and maybe dressed in regular clothes, are your biggest accomplishments.

Breakfast and lunch consists of the kid's leftovers. At dinner time you have a chance to sit down and eat your own food, plus the kid's leftovers.

When you "hit the sales" it is to buy kid's clothes, none for you.

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