Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Weekend Away ... My Husband's Side of the Story

So, on Monday I shared about my wonderful weekend away. Me and three girl-friends met at a rustic-like (had a roaring fireplace along with electricity and hot water), comfortable, intimate and ultra cheap place (my parent's house) and enjoyed a weekend of scrapbooking, chocolate, food, a little bit of alcohol, lots of talking, and more food ... and chocolate.

My husband, bless his heart for he never begrudges me a weekend away, had a different type of weekend. No, it wasn't the children (well, one sick child who threw up Saturday night.) For the most part our three little terrors were well behaved.

No, my poor husband had to deal with things breaking down. First it was the computer. Friday night he decided to update our computer security and began to download spyware protection, from a reperatble and well known computer virus program.

W.E.L.L. a virus came along with the spyware protection program. Saturday was spent backing up all our files (thank goodness everything was saved), running out to the store for a new and real (not virtual) virus protection program and Microsoft Office (the program we had on the computer wasn't exactly, well ours to begin with and therefore would be hard to reinstall.)

He then headed to a friend's house to check our hard drive. Thank goodness for good friends, and thank goodness that at least one of our good friends is an IT guy; who shuddered in his boots when he heard we had never reformatted the hard drive (thingy magigy) since purchasing the computer 6 years ago. The rest of the weekend was spent reinstalling everything, and downloading like 100+ patches from Microsoft.

Sunday morning he woke up to 1.) a sick child (who quickly recovered) and 2.) no heat on our first floor. We have dual-zones so the heater upstairs was still working and thankfully the weather was warming up; a balmy 35 degrees Sunday. So he turned off the thermostate and called me to vent his frustrations.

Oh, and later he discovered the ceiling fan in our bedroom was not working. It had been making a funny noise for some time now, but it eventually stops and in my book if the noise eventually stops there is no problem. Ooops.

I arrived home that afternoon and he soon left to watch the Pittsburgh game at a friends house (and enjoy their heat), a much deserved break. Speaking of good friends, they sent him home with a very nice space heater ... thank you!

Monday he had off so his first job that day was to call the heating guy and beg for a service call. The company that installed our system was out of business. It was about this time I bundled up the boys and took them to school.

He eventually found someone who services our heat pump and was able to come that morning, just as the snow was coming down hard. Right before the service guys arrived Hubby turned on the thermostate since they would need the heater running to find the problem ... we had heat!?!?!?!? The service guys were really great, they still checked everything, all fine, and said it was probably our thermostate. Apparently the programmable ones can be tempermental.

So that was Hubby's weekend. Things breaking and shutting down on him and then miracously working again. Oh yes, the fan included. On Monday he went to find and fix the problem when it too began to work again.

It was one of those weekends where you find yourself humming the Twilight Zone theme song and looking behind your shoulder.

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MoziEsmé said...

That chocolate sounds good! But your husband's weekend - not so much. We've just been battling spyware issues ourselves - I try to get to a website and something completely different comes up, and then it takes forever to type anything online. Hopefully it is sort of fixed now...