Monday, January 19, 2009

What A Mom Needs

Every woman needs it, a break. Mine came this weekend. I met up with three girlfriends for our annual scrapbook weekend.

First I stopped at the outlets and froze my butt off found some good deals, and some splurges. (However, when Hubby called me on Saturday that our computer was frozen due to a virus and he was heading out to purchase new software I wondered if I should return everything on my way home.)

This has been an annual event for the past four year, both shopping and scrapbooking. It is fun reconnecting, seeing the past year(s) in pictures, sharing stories and family updates. We swapped "worst mommy ever" stories, "craziest conversation with a child" stories and "most creative comeback when you child asks you an awkward question" stories.

And yes, we did some scrapbooking. In fact we did a lot.

Do you get a break? How? It doesn't have to be a weekend, maybe a day dedicated to rest and relaxation. Leave a comment telling your favorite break story.

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