Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday ladies. Well I made it! The week, out of the entire school year, I hate the most. See, after two weeks of Christmas vacation they return for two weeks of school and then have another break. It takes about two weeks for the kids to get back into their schedule and come down from their Christmas high. Just as they are settling down they then have one full day of school, three half days and Friday off. The past two years this semi-week of school was extended due to snow days, giving them close to two weeks off. UGHHHH!!!

Well, this week we made it without any snow days, except for Monday their one full day. Monday it snowed mid-morning for almost an hour, at one point coming down hard. By the time the snow ended the announcement was made that school was closing early. By the time the students were dismissed the snow was melting. :::sigh::: Welcome to life in the valley.
I live in the south ladies. North enough to get snow, and sometimes lots of it, but south enough that there is panic when even the smallest amount of white stuff falls.

EM was thrilled to see snow. She kept asking for snow and being disappointed every morning when it didn't appear. She was home with Hubby, who had the day off and waiting for the heating guy to come, so out they went to play in the snow.

And make a (miniature) snowman family.

Yes, this was the extent of our snow fall. Yes, they closed schools early for this. To their credit they probably made this decision when it was coming down hard and the roads were slippery. As much as us northerners make fun of them, I'm glad I don't have to make these decisions.

Today is the kids day off. The forecast is calling for 60 degrees today and back down to 35 degrees tomorrow, welcome to life in the valley. I had a whole morning of fun and errands planned for the kids including lunch at a restaurant. EM was sick last night and was acting grumpy this morning so we opted to stay home. Thankfully Hubby took half a day so I'll be running out with the boys later so ED can spend his birthday money. It has been burning a hole in his pocket since last Thursday.

Along with our busy, kids home week, I've been working hard on Rachel Anne's small things. Tuesday I straightened the house (really, that is all it takes to create a sanctuary. I don't know where all this clutter comes from but thankfully it doesn't take long to straighten it up.) Thanks to the kids I earned bonus points. They weren't happy about cleaning the play room, but it is their room and it was a mess.

Wednesday I worked on clearly communicating to the kids. How many times have you "asked" the kids to clean something up by saying "this room is a mess." You say it 5 times and then finally loose your patience and yell "I've told you kids 10 times to pick up this room and no one has obeyed me." They are all looking at you like "huh!"

Thursday was all about shoes. I picked up all those pairs lying around the bedroom and found a neat spot in the closet for them. Now the task will be to return them there after each wearing. Today's task is to declutter a shelf. I was on a decluttering spree this morning in the kitchen and already completed this task before visiting Rachel Anne's site.

I'm looking at my nice neat shelf as I'm writing this and just noticed that a Lego dude is sitting on the top shelf in a time-out. :::sigh::: Life with boys.

Happy Friday and head over to Rachel Anne's site for more coffee talk with the Company Girls.


Dani said...

At least you got snow. It feel all around us here in Greer, but nowhere on us. We were really hoping to get some, but it is really hard to come by in SC. Thanks for coffee!

Esthermay said...

As a Minnesotan, this makes me smile.
LOVE those little snow-people!
Kindest Thoughts!

mholgate said...

Nice snow people! We're expecting more snow here this weekend. I'm up for it now that our last snow has melted quite a bit. Just not three feet this time!!!

I loved the shoe assignment! I laughed all the way around the house as I counted. Actually, I stopped counting at 10 pair because it was too exhausting!

Have a great weekend!

Rachel Anne said...

The snow people are darling!! I never thought about making miniature snow men....that's what you call making the most out of what you've got! We are also in the south and people panic over snow and ice. My husband is from MN and thinks it's funny, but respects the fact that southerners are unprepared for icy conditions.

That school break thing sounds hard to adjust to! You might as well write off the entire month of January, as far as getting the kids to adjust to school/no school/school.

I didn't earn many points on the shoes at our house, but I have a sock-leaver, who leaves socks wherever he goes. I should give myself double points for those crusty things.....

secondofwett said...

My highschool kids are also off for the next week....exams and 'semester turnaround'...geesh...I don't remember getting that much time off....I'm old...You could make lots of little sowmen at my house...about as many as were people at your president's inaugeration! Canada...don't ya love it!

Kara said...

Haha yeah I'm from up north and it's still funny to me how easily things shut down around here (in Raleigh, NC) because of snow. I remember last year my parents were here visiting from Indiana, and on Saturday night our church canceled Sunday morning services because the weather was saying we might get some snow. My parents were like, "What???!?!"