Friday, June 15, 2012

Projects, in our house, fall under three categories.

Forever Talked About, never started
A couple years ago the florescent light in our kitchen blew out.  Hubby figured it was a $30 fix; however, I wanted to redo the lighting situation in our kitchen.  (It was a spec house, built during the housing boom.  Structurally, the house is sound;  aesthetically, it is cookie cutter and cheap.)  I want to redo the lights.  Having a broken florescent light box, thingy majigy, seemed to be the motivation needed to rewire, install pot lights, maybe some pendant lights....  We keep talking, and notice the lack of lighting every winter.

Then there is our laundry room.  Don't get me started.

Talked About, Barley Planned, then BAM, we complete it in a day
Last fall we began talking about putting in a garden, in our back yard.  This would be a flower garden, and the first part of three elements in this back corner; a shed, garden and fire pit.  We talked, discussed, then one Saturday we found ourselves kid-less, and at Lowe's, so we bought all the needed plants.  Oh wait, we need to map this out, and maybe a tiller would be a good idea, since we haven't bothered to kill any of the grass we are about to dig up.  It was still completed in a day.

This Looks Doable, and Cheap ... until we start planning it
Two circles, because I can't make up my mind.  In the background is last fall's project
Cheap,  yeah maybe, until we get a hold of the project.  Phase 2 (which was supposed to be the shed, but the budget didn't materialize for that) in our backyard project is the fire pit.  Browsing Pinterest (my sister was correct, it is like crack) I found instructions that made building one seem easy, and cheap.  Around $100. Well, we had to add extra inches to our stone floor, and our blocks are a little more expensive, and ... well, it is still cheaper than a shed.  This one we are  planning out, thankfully.  So far, we marked out two circles, sorry Hubby, and are attempting to kill the weeds grass, within the soon to be fire pit area.  I drove around town looking at stone, blocks, and prices.  Hubby wants to call a friend who has machines, that will make this project  a lot more fun, for the boys. 

Sometime by July, we should have a fire pit.  Hopefully, it remains standing.  Pictures to follow, when it materializes. 

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