Monday, June 18, 2012

Memo Monday

To Whomever Can Answer My Question,

What road rules apply to scooters/mopeds? 

Can they ride down the middle of the street, even if the speed limit is 35, and the vehicle in question is having a hard time going over 30?

My thoughts, yes, I can pass them (safely).  They are not a registered vehicle (am I correct?) and the driver does not need a license (again, is that correct?).

In my mind, they are riding a bicycle, with a motor.  And, I pass bicycles (safely).

Most mopeds/scooters seem to have limited speed capabilities.  Made even more limited in our area, where you need to drive uphill, both ways, to arrive to your destination. 

While, I understand the draw to these vehicles; cheap, uses little gas, no license or registration required, I also find them to be a nuisance.  Or, more specifically, the drivers a nuisance. 

Just because it has a motor doesn't mean you can ride the road like the grown-ups.  And no, scooters/mopeds are not motorcycles, don't even go there. 

Is this a case of my lead foot (and a little road rage) getting the better of my judgment, or do I have a point here?

Feel free to leave a comment,

Thank you. 

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