Saturday, June 9, 2012

Think Outside the Box

What do you do, when in the middle of baking a (your third) batch of bread, you realize why this batch, and the two before it, were not baking through?  Hence, why your bread is not baking, so tell me why it took me so long to figure it out?

You bake the bread upside down. 

The monkey bread did not fare as well.  Oh Well.
Then you check out Lowe's for a new oven. 

I wish.  No, this was one appliance we knew (and hoped) would be an easy, and relatively cheap, fix.  (As opposed to the other THREE appliances that have broken down in the past 2 years.  All brand new when we bought the house, and ranged from 5 to 7 years old.  Oh yea, GE is not my friend.) So, Hubby ordered a new bottom element.  It arrived today, and the kids enjoyed fresh baked cookies after a cold and wet swim practice. 

And, I am still mooning over the ovens at Lowe's.  They are pretty, and expensive, but, they come in convection, with double ovens.  :::sigh:::

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Melissa from the Blue House said...

I lust after the ovens at Lowe's too. I just sold my house (with top of the line convection oven) and moved to a rent house with the cheapest oven ever made, and I SO miss the good one... some day...