Thursday, May 17, 2012

What is a Mom to Do?

Suddenly, I had no kids in the house.  They would be gone, playing with friends throughout the neighborhood, for at least 30 minutes.

What is a mom to do with such precious time?:

Write up those minutes from the last meeting?

Clean the kitchen floor?

Work on this weeks Sunday school lesson?

Sit down, and close my eyes?

Research some more local spas, for my "end of school year pedicure"?

What actually happened:

I went to the bathroom.  (Sorry, TMI, but every mom understands that luxury.)

Stood in the middle of the room (not the bathroom) and wondered what to do.

My 30 minutes turned into 3 minutes, so time was spent kicking the boys back outside.

Remembered the several projects I had started before I was interrupted by friends coming over, to ask if the kids could come play.  So, I completed them.

Debated on restraining the boys from a water battle.  Decided not to, though I will be spending time collecting wet clothes and directing wet children.

Ran downstairs, and blogged about it.  

And, now my 30 minutes are up.  It is time to go collect said children, and chow down on some leftovers before we head to our next activity.  

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