Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Chef in the House

My kids like to help me in the kitchen.  They want to learn to bake and cook, and I need to encourage that while their interest lasts ... as soon as I take a Xanax.

The nice thing about the kids getting older (even though I tell them to stop growing) is that they can have some more independence in the kitchen. 

So, the other afternoon, when Jacob announced that he wanted to make something with chocolate, I let him at it. 

Right after I directed him to a recipe book. 

Originally, what he wanted to "bake" consisted of chocolate, marshmallows, and jam on top.  And, while I am all for baking experimentation, I'm not for the waste of perfectly good ingredients.  So, we had a quick discussion on chemistry.  When it comes to baking, you have to remember that ingredients react to other ingredients to create something edible.  Without the right ingredients, well, even something made out of chocolate can become inedible. 

We quickly found a double chocolate chip cookie recipe.  He set to baking.  I hovered, to get him started, then I backed off and let him at it.  Near the end, when it came to scooping, the actual baking part, and cleaning, I reentered the kitchen area.

Eventually, we will reach the cleaning lesson.  You make it, you clean it.  However, I believe in baby steps. 

The kids can make scrambled eggs and box macaroni and cheese, so I know they can survive in the real world. 

Jacob is now making double chocolate cookies, so there is hope that he will find an understanding woman and he won't end up camping out in our front yard.  We will reach the dish washing stage of development in due time. 

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Melissa from the Blue House said...

I love the idea of kids helping in the kitchen, but the reality of it isn't as fun... flour on the floor; every single utensil in the kitchen dirty; batter in your under-counter lights.... sigh. My kids got into this kick of bringing me breakfast in bed... breakfast consisting of oreos, a juice box, and toast decorated with frosting and sprinkles. I had to put a stop to that fast because like you, I can't stand wasted ingredients. I like your idea to give lessons... I should bite the bullet and teach them how to cook breakfast... if they would promise not to bring it to me in bed at 6am on Saturday. :)