Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Menu

Add a birthday and a school camp out to the holiday weekend picnics, and my shopping list was long on sweets.

Right now, my freezer has 72 ice cream sandwiches, along with 10 tubs of whipped topping.  Well, 6 now.

Two boxes of brownie mix

3 - 18 oz bags of miniature Reese' peanut butter cups

2 - 6 packs of Reese' peanut butter cups   

1 bag of peanut butter chips

2 jars of hot fudge sundae sauce

4 - 5.1 oz of vanilla instant pudding

2 bags of romaine lettuce (need to balance out the sugar)

2 boxes of grape tomatoes

1 gallon of  "fruit" punch.  (It is 5% real fruit juice, can we call it fruit?)

5 boxes of pasta

1 bottle of Dijon honey mustard

2 bottles of relish

1 - 32oz bag of cheddar cheese

9 lbs of kielbasa

Really, it is the 72 ice cream sandwiches, and 10 tubs of whipped topping in my freezer that is cracking me up.  I'm also really glad that we are low on beef, otherwise there would be no way any of this would fit. 

I've gained 5 pounds just sitting here, and typing out my shopping list. 

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