Thursday, May 3, 2012

Queen of the World

This picture was taken the summer of 2010:

This blog post accompanied the picture.

Fast forward, almost, two years.  During those two years, EM barely touched her bike.  She wanted nothing to do with it.  No amount of sweet talking, cajoling, bribery, or pointing out her friends who rode a two wheeler could convince her to ride the bike.

We pulled out the (hand-me-down) pretty, sparkle, purple bicycle.  (The one pictured above belonged to her brothers.  Red, yellow and blue, with racing stripes.  We tried to bling it out with My Little Pony tassels, seat cover, and a bell.)  It was a no go.

This past Tuesday was a beautiful evening.  Hubby was home early, and I had to finish making dinner.  Everyone was sent outside.  Hubby convinced her to get on the bike.  By the time we sat down to dinner she was riding with no problems.

Wednesday she begged to ride her bike, so we went to a nearby (and empty) parking lot, and she rode in circles to her heart's content.  Actually, her heart wasn't content.  She wanted to ride EVERYWHERE, and was not satisfied with such a tiny parking lot.

Thursday, she was out again, in the drive way, complaining at how unfair it was that she could not ride on the street.

We have spent two years trying to convince her to ride her bike.  Within 3 days, we are now trying to convince her, that no, she can not join the next century ride. 

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