Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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Have you heard the news report of people stealing Tide detergent.  That Tide detergent is being used as payment for drugs. 

Yes, Tide.  The detergent in the bright orange bottle.  Yes, that Tide, detergent for clothes.  It is now being stolen, and used as some form of black market currency. 

Some where, some one's mother is very proud.  "Yes, I understand he deals drugs, and robbed a Target, but it was for Tide.  If nothing else, he is taking pride in his appearance by cleaning his clothes."  

Hey, didn't your mother always tell you to wear clean underwear in case you were in a car wreck?

Someone, please help me wrap my brain around this one.  Yes, I know Tide is expensive, which is why I've moved onto other brands.  But, Tide!?!  How did a detergent become a form of currency for drugs?  What is backing this currency, other than its stain fighting properties.  Do I receive premium drugs if I give you Tide plus Febreze?  And, if I want organic drugs must I trade you Tide Free?

Ohh, I foretell an economics processor, somewhere out there, picking up this news story and using it in a lesson. 

Still don't believe me, go search it.  Type in "stolen Tide" and the page will be filled with news stories, which is why I didn't link any to this posting.   

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