Thursday, April 5, 2012

Life with ADHD

JT was given an assignment to teach a topic to his class.  He had 1 hour of class time to discuss his topic of choice.  This was to be a topic which he found interesting.  The topics covered, before his assignment was due, included horses, kolas, baking chocolate cake, ....  The sky was the limit. 

Now remember, any topic, ONE hour to discuss with the class.  The final choice, instruments used to forecast the weather.  Sounds simple enough, until you see the thought process my beloved, ADHD son took to reach the final topic. 


(Me:  You need to narrow it down)

Space Station

(Me:  Again, what aspect of the SS will you discuss, maybe it was assembled?)

Space Shuttle, and everyone can assemble one. 

No, Space

(Me:  Narrow please)

Black holes

(Me: We can do that)

No, Space

(Me:  Narrow)

Then, weather

(Me:  Narrow)

High and low pressures, and fronts. 

(Me: &#*%$*#  O.K.  Let us see what the library has on this)


(Me:  Narrow)

Weather instruments.

(Me:  Go, research.  You now have exactly 2 weeks to research and put this together, on top of your science fair project.  ***poor kid has as much luck as I did with scheduled projects, they seem to be due at the same time.)

Instruments used to forecast the weather it was.  And, it was good, and stressing.  So much for taking most of the year to research and prepare.   ***Hmm, it also appears he has my penchant for procrastination. 

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