Thursday, February 2, 2012

Turning Around the Left Overs

Mid-January I wrote about the Christmas left overs that seem to remain hidden in our homes.  No matter how often we sweep, those pine needles are still making an appearance come June, when it is mingled with the sand and grass of summer time play. 

As I wrote that post I could feel convicted to write another post, but this time turning around the tongue and cheek griping of lost instructions and wayward toy ties. 

All the stuff I complained about was just that, STUFF.  Items we bring into our house, and lives, during Christmas, and none of it  has to do with the true meaning of Christmas.  None of it has to do with Christ's birth and the fulfillment of God's promises. 

Bottom line, why am I complaining?  I did this to myself. 

And, instead of complaining, let us turn it around.  Instead of rolling our eyes when we find torn up pieces of wrapping paper between the sofa cushions in March, or lost Christmas cards now found in your tax folder, let us take a moment and think on what Christmas truly means. 

Instead of complaining about it, make it into a devotional moment. 

A reverse Advent if you will.  Meditate on peace, and hope, and love, and grace.  Oh my, don't we all need to show a little more grace?  Let us first start with thinking of the one who showed us the ultimate grace.

With Easter soon making an appearance on our calendars,

Common' don't groan at me, it is already February.

let us do the same thing when we sweep up Easter grass from under the sofa and find that last dyed egg in the back of the refrigerator, at the end of May. 

Take a moment and reflect on God's love.  On the relationship he wants with you, and not with all the stuff we bring into our lives. 

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