Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh Irony ... I Can Do With Out

Between early school dismissal, regular school dismissal, car pool, and errands, I swept ED into a well doctor visit.  Simple, right?  Or, it was until the doctor announced that the "scab" under his nose was actually impetigo, not a left over scrape from his bike wipe out several weeks earlier.

Impetigo is a highly contagious skin rash, one of the strep variety of infections.  Or is it staph, I get those two mixed up.  This was the second time ED had contracted it.  This child is prone to rashes, benign rashes, so when he has impetigo we tend not to notice since they have been mild cases.

OK, enough wiki-babble, moving on.

Point is, the afternoon was filled with crazy and I now had a prescription to fill, but not enough time to fill it, and no good place to stop, drop it off, and return to pick it up.  Yes, there are more pharmacies then I can count on my route, but which one to pick from so I would not have to make two trips?

I decided to drop it off at the pharmacy next to the doctor's office.  Since the office and pharmacy are on the other side of town, from where we live, this is not a pharmacy we use often.  It is, however, on Hubby's drive to and from work, so I figured Hubby could stop by on the way home, later that evening, and pick up the prescription.  Plus, of all the other pharmacies I could choose from, this was a local store.  Yes, let us support local when we can.

Simple, right?

The problem was, Hubby did not leave work that evening until 6.  The local pharmacy closes at 6.  No medicine for ED's infection.

The next day was just as crazy, and I ended up doing what I had tried to avoid the day before, an out of my way pick up.  This was decided on when I called Hubby, asking if he might be leaving work before 6, and his answer was a long groan.

'nuff said.

So, with a car FULL of kids, lord have mercy, I took the scenic (i.e. all the way A.R.O.U.N.D. town) route home.  Picked up the cream, and proceeded to drop off all children at their proper housing, and torture my own a little longer with a trip to the grocery store.  "Look kid, you may be tired now, but wait until there is no food for dinner tonight, then you will be whining."

When we got home I set the tube of cream on the counter, next to an identical tube of cream. 

Yes, apparently I already had the prescription cream needed for ED's infection.  The first tube of cream was bought a week earlier for EM's finger, that had a staph infection. (Or, was it strep?)

Can I have my $10 co-pay back please?

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Melissa from the Blue House said...

Ha! What a fun family bonding experience you all had, tho, for the bargain price of $10. :)