Sunday, February 12, 2012

Suggestions Needed!

At a recent retreat my music selections were the topic of ridicule.

Hubby and I brought along Mp3 player and speakers, and hit play.  We warned people, told them to bring their own music.  We were not being polite, now you know why. 

Let me say that my most recent music purchase was the Glee soundtrack, and that was a year or so ago.  Any music purchases before that would have been made a good 10 years earlier, and usually fell under the compilation category, or movie soundtrack.

Wham came on, those in the room said "let us make fun of Erin."  The Top Gun soundtrack came on, and all the women swooned as we talked about the volleyball game.  ABBA began to play, and I stood my ground.  After all, you can't disrespect the classics.

I've talked about this before, I am not big on music.  Pandora is my DJ of choice, I even choose from one of the present channels.  Unfortunately for our retreat group, there was no wifi.

Seriously, next time someone else can bring their play lists if mine were so bad. 

Anywho, Christmas rolled around and I inserted several iTunes gift cards into my, and Hubby's, stockings.  The other day I ventured onto the site to do a little shopping.

What are all the kids listening to these days?

Justin Bieber?  Umm, no.  A 39 year-old purchasing Bieber songs, that is just wrong in so many ways.  Hmmm, those Black Eyed Peas look so hip.  That cute Katy Perry seems to have some cute songs.

You can see the problem here.  I have idea where to begin.

So, what did I end up purchasing?

Two songs from Adele, and two more from a Glee soundtrack.   (Not that I've bothered to sync my Touch with the updated play list.)


Hey, I hear REM is breaking up, I wonder if they came out with a new compilation CD.

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